Manufacturer of heating pipe: different performance of heating pipe

2021-11-03 1564

Electric heating wire is electric heating wire, and quartz tube heating is electric heating wire + quartz tube. Natural quartz tube heaters are expensive

Let's talk about their differences in terms of performance:

Why do we need to add a layer of quartz tube outside the electric heating wire?

  1. Prevent foreign matters from entering the heating wire;

This can prevent foreign matters from entering the heating wire, which can add a protective shell to the heating wire to prolong its service life.

  2. Improve heating efficiency;

The heating of electric heating wire is to heat air, which is heated by convection of hot air. The quartz tube heater is heated by an internal electric heating wire and emits infrared rays to the outside for heating. The thermal efficiency of infrared heating is greater than that of hot air convection.

  3. Energy saving;

Because the thermal efficiency of the quartz tube is high, it is natural to compare with the energy saving of the electric heating wire. And for the heater, if there is wind at the place heated by the electric heating wire, the heating effect is very poor. The quartz tube heater is heated by infrared radiation, without this problem.


Compared with ordinary heating pipes, the quartz method heat pipe is more resistant to damage than other heating pipes and has a longer service life. It can be replaced all the year round. The cylinder is also equipped with a water level gauge and a temperature probe. The water level gauge is mainly used to protect the quartz heating pipe, which has a longer service life.

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Article source: heat pipe manufacturer