Heat pipe manufacturer: technical parameters of Teflon heat pipe

2021-11-03 1487

The electric heating wires of electric heating tubes mainly include iron chromium aluminum and nickel chromium alloy wires. Iron chromium aluminum is cheaper. Generally, there is no explanation. Iron chromium aluminum alloy wires are used in electric heating tubes. Nickel chromium alloy wire is more expensive. The difference between the two wires: the working temperature of Fe Cr Al alloy materials can reach 1400 ℃, which is enough to meet the needs of electric heating tubes. However, nickel chromium wire is flexible, while iron chromium aluminum wire is brittle.

Lead out rod: generally, iron is used. Because iron has fast heat transfer, of course, the general customer requires that stainless steel lead out rod can be selected, but the demand should be raised with our salesperson.

Metal casing: stainless steel (SUS201, 304, 321, 316, 310, etc.), red copper and carbon steel (iron) are the main ones. Different metal protective sleeves shall be selected according to different working heating pipe environments.

Technical parameters of Teflon heating pipe:

● heating tube diameter: ф 10~ ф 50㎜

● heating pipe material: Teflon, titanium alloy, SUS316L

● input power supply and power: customized on demand

● heating tube length: customized


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