Zhongshan heating pipe: what is the relationship between the surface load and the service life of the heating pipe

2022-02-25 1413

The external load of the electric heating tube has a direct relationship with the service life of the electric heating tube. Different external loads should be adopted in the design of electric heating elements under different operating environments and different heating media. Application occasion electric heating tube material and external load (power density) watt / square centimeter application occasion example 10-2020stainless steel copper tube aluminum tube still air heating is not applicable to shower, water heater and other soft water is not applicable to higher kitchen water is a principle of tubular electric heating element tubular heating element is a kind of resistance wire placed in the metal tube and tightly filled in the surrounding open space with good heat resistance The heating element is made of crystalline magnesium oxide powder with thermal conductivity and insulation, and then treated by other processes. How long is the service life of the electric heating tube? The electric heating tube may present problems. It has the characteristics of simple structure, high mechanical strength, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability, convenient installation and long service life bench.

  1. It is widely used in various saltpeter tanks, water tanks, acid-base tanks, air heating furnaces, drying ovens, hot molds and other equipment. Fault phenomenon: the fuse diameter is too small and the capacity is insufficient; Short circuit between power cord plug and electric socket; Short circuit caused by falling off of the leading piece or lead of the electric heating tube; Main technical indicators of short circuit caused by burning of electric heating tube (core): power parameter: power under rated voltage is +5%-10% leakage current: leakage current under operating temperature is less than 0.5mA electrical strength: electrical strength under operating temperature bears experimental voltage > 1000V, 50Hz, 1min, without flashover and breakdown: insulation resistance: cold insulation resistance ≥ 100mq (megohm) appearance: no significant mechanical scar or local expansion, There is no wrinkle, concave convex and other phenomena at the bend.

  2. It is mainly used in open and closed solution tank and non-standard flange electric heater for heating in circulating system. 5 features: small volume and large heating power; The external power is large, which is 2 ~ 4 times of the external load of air heating. It can heat various media in various occasions, such as explosion-proof occasions; Highly dense and compact. As the whole is short and dense, it has good stability. There is no need to select imported and domestic excellent materials for installation. The scientific production process and strict quality management ensure the superior electrical function of the electric heating tube.


  3. The heating temperature can generally reach 720 ℃, and the heating system can be fully automated, including the control of the electric heating system through the DCS system; Long service life, with multiple maintenance systems, safe and reliable. Most of the combined type uses argon arc welding to connect the electric heating pipe with the flange, or the method of fastening equipment can be used, that is, each electric heating pipe is welded with fasteners, and then locked with the flange cover with nuts. The pipes and fasteners are welded with argon arc without leakage. The sealing part of fasteners adopts scientific technology, which is very convenient to replace a single fastener, greatly saving the repair cost in the future. The electrical function is stable and the thermal efficiency is high. It saves more than 30% energy than the general metal heat generator, and the temperature rise speed is very fast.

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