Manufacturer of heating pipe: cracking and inspection of stainless steel electric heating pipe

2021-12-08 1511

The stainless steel electric heating tube is sheathed with stainless steel, with magnesium oxide rod as the inner core, with magnesium oxide powder as the filler, and with nickel chromium wire as the heating wire. It can be roughly divided into single head electric heating pipe and double head electric heating pipe. In winter, stainless steel electric heating tubes are easy to freeze and crack, resulting in serious water leakage. Special attention should be paid to the prevention and inspection of stainless steel electric heating tubes. In addition, we should also know the classification and application of stainless steel electric heating tubes. First of all, we need to understand the environmental factors that the stainless steel electric heating tube is easy to freeze crack. example:

1. the faucet and water pipe outside the house shall be equipped with anti freezing equipment (anti freezing bolt, anti freezing wooden box, etc.).

2. for rooms with water pipes, the door seams and window seams shall be pasted, and attention shall be paid to indoor insulation.


3. if there is ice in the house, it should also be wrapped in gunny bags and wrapped around straw ropes.

4. the covered sand and soil washed away by the flood in the dry season shall be filled before winter to prevent the soil layer from being too shallow and the water pipe from cracking.

5. once the water pipe is frozen, do not bake it with fire or scald it with boiling water (that will cause damage to the water pipe and faucet due to sudden swelling). Wrap the faucet with a hot towel to help thaw it.

Article source: heat pipe manufacturer