Manufacturer of heating pipe: what is the maximum design temperature of electric towel rack

2022-04-23 1313

What is the design temperature of the electric towel rack?

As a fashionable household bathroom appliance, it can go deep into people's homes. Naturally, it has its common function and strong practical performance. Its function is not only used to bake towels, but also has the effect of high-temperature drying infrared. The key is, of course, to improve the ambient temperature of the bathroom, so that women and children can no longer feel cold when entering the bathroom. According to industry statistics, the bathroom is equipped with electric towel rack and not installed, The difference in ambient temperature is at least 8 degrees

Since it is such a good product, there are naturally more manufacturers. There are many brands in the shopping mall. They all have rich industry production experience and can naturally make good products. For some new manufacturers, they have less battle experience and industry experience. It is inevitable to make detours. If the adjustment is timely, it will not have a great impact on the work of the factory, and the situation will be serious, Three months later, they will be faced with the situation of mass return from the shopping mall. If the case is light, it also needs to consume a lot of money and manpower to make up for and correct the return from the shopping mall. Severe customers directly lose their determination, which eventually leads to the loss of customer resources!


In the early stage, many manufacturers blindly pursued higher temperature because of insufficient experience, which led to many functional problems. As a manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in hot line, I also remind you that heating too much may not be a good thing. The difference between the 3-minute arrival policy and the 7-minute arrival policy is only a moment. Just like the car engine, the proposed policy is 100 yards, and the other is a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, One is the 2.0T turbocharged engine, which only loses in the acceleration, but will eventually reach 100 yards. In order to accelerate quickly, the latter adds turbines, which will only lead to the engine burning oil early!

The manufacturer's suggestion is that there is an endless supply, the insurance is feasible, and the quality should be put in place. The high temperature can be set to 55 degrees instead of 70 degrees. It has been proved that even if it is set to 70 degrees, how many people will use 70 degrees. Whether towels or clothes are hung on the surface, because of the effect of high temperature, they are easy to deform and shrink. After all, many fabrics are made of fiber materials, It is difficult to accept the high temperature effect for a long time!

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